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What does our scheduling software do?

OK let's go through some of the basic features...............

The screenshot views below show a view of the schedule, a view showing jobs running on a specific resource and a view showing detail of one job including all the manufacturing data.

We can combine all this important data onto one screen so you have all the knowledge at your fingertips - graphical schedule, run list and specific data per job. All views are live and inter related. This means that if you move a job on one part of the system it is updated in the internal database in REAL time so is reflected across the whole system.

Do you have day to day issues using planning wall boards, spreadsheets or even project management software that does not do the job for you.... you can benefit from our low cost easy to use production scheduling software solution especially designed for small and medium sized companies.
This is not a software product that requires a genius to run it BUT it does what a spreadsheet just can’t do - it maintains a set of rules controlled by you, that ensures ALL the parts of the jobs remain glued together.
The best thing is that it is easy to learn, easy to use and it is an effective aid to the planning persons knowledge on how to schedule your plant.
Let us help you increase your production efficiencies and on-time deliveries with our easy to use production scheduling software that incorporates
  • Drag and drop technology
  • Easy to use and install
  • Low cost
  • Works for people and machine resources
  • Internal algorithms control how jobs behave
Years of practical hands on production scheduling and manufacturing experience together with business and software development skills has culminated in an entry level production scheduling software system specifically designed for all small and medium size manufacturers, precision engineers, printers or anyone who needs to schedule jobs, machine based or people based.
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Finite capacity scheduling

You may be thinking that this looks like my spreadsheet .................BUT it is far from it.
Built in sequencing logic glues parts of jobs together unlike your wallboard or spreadsheet (you must remember where ALL the operations or parts of the job are if a change is made). So even if you have multi stage jobs, moving one part (or operation) of the job will move all dependent operations with it.
Plan/Ezy has user defined rules that you control to set how the software behaves.
scheduling job details
The view above shows the sequence of jobs on one single resource

So you can see that when moving a job or changing its delivery date ALL parts of the job are updated. If you have 200 multistage jobs on your planning horizon imagine hour many hours of tedious work this will save.

Then you can drill down to view the actual manufacturing data attributed to each single job as shown below
whiteboard job detail
System Requirements
An up to date PC or laptop running Windows 8
Run on a Mac with VM Ware Fusion and Windows 8